"The empires of the future are the empires of the mind." - Winston Churchill

The organisation has invested greatly in technology to produce one of the finest products. The modern plant, having an installed capacity of 10000 TPA, is equipped with 3 automated PLC controlled extrusion press lines supported by automated paraphernalia including -

 Hot Log Shear

 Automatic Puller

 Homogenizing furnace

 Automated lift and shift handling system

The three press lines can together extrude light and small profiles, mission critical profiles and specialized big profiles ranging from 5mm to 200mm.

The billets used for extrusion are cast in-house using the right alloy composition and treated in specialized Homogenizing furnace for superior end-use results.

The test lab is equipped with appropriate machines for testing various aspects of profiles including dimensions, hardness, electrical conductivity and composition as per customer requirements.

Go Green
The Go Green Initiative is the beginning of a paradigm shift in people's perspective towards the world. By setting up an eco-friendly gas based plant, the company has taken a humble step towards carbon footprint reduction.

Looking Forward
A unified in-house surface treatment plant encompassing anodising, powder coating and PVDF coating is planned for commencement in near future providing complete solution to customers.

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